Why I'm standing

I am standing to represent the people of this area who have been denied a voice for too long.

Scarborough & Whitby is my home turf. I have been educated here, I have built a business here, I have fostered friendships here, I surf this coastline, I walk these streets and I know the people in this community - in short, it is home.

Goathland, North Yorkshire Moors and Whitby Steps
Goathland, North Yorkshire Moors and Whitby Steps

As I have grown up and become more aware of the issues affecting this area, it has become harder and harder for me to stand by and do nothing. For me, it is about creating equality of opportunity for all, regardless of class, background, race, gender, age or sexuality. For too long opportunities have dwindled in this area, especially for young people who find it increasingly difficult to find rewarding work or affordable housing. I will work tirelessly to reverse this trend. 

Like many of you, I have been inspired by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy has reinvigorated the Labour Party by putting forward a plan to reshape our economy for the modern world, in a way that it will deliver for the hard working many, not the privileged few. If I am elected to parliament, apart from working tirelessly to ensure the Labour manifesto is carried out in Scarborough and Whitby, Jeremy Corbyn will have another member of the Parliamentary Labour Party who supports him fully.

As Chair of the Whitby branch of the Labour Party and Vice Chair of the Scarborough & Whitby Constituency Labour Party I have been continuously campaigning for change in this area. Last year I took on the Tories in their rural heartlands, standing in both the County Council Elections and the Borough Council By-Election - creating big increases in our vote. By campaigning strategically and challenging the failed Tory narrative of austerity, I know I can win this seat for Labour and help to create a government that will transform our society for the benefit of the many, not the few.

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