Socialism for the Future

Developing bold policies fit for the 21st century

My priority as member of parliament for Scarborough and Whitby would be to provide the best representation possible to the people of this area and to maintain the strongest possible links to the CLP and local membership generally.

I do however, have a keen interest in policy development and would use all the resources available to help shape policy that is fit for the 21st century. The assumptions that have guided economic thinking for at least the last 100 years, assumptions that maintain that growth and GDP are the only indicators of success or failure, must be examined and vigorously challenged.

To delay this process by hanging on to outdated ideas that belong to another era is to ignore the reality of our situation. The earth itself, simply cannot endure continued pillaging without suffering ever more catastrophic environmental effects. Humanity, and therefore civilisation, cannot endure the continued obscenity of extreme wealth side by side with paralysing poverty. And we don’t have to look far, these extremes exist here among us in Britain today.

I am convinced (and therefore optimistic), that the enormous and sometimes mind-blowingly rapid growth in technology, provides us with opportunities which not long ago would have seemed to many as utopian fantasy. But the real truth is that failure to come to grips with what this technological change means in a post-industrial world, will not only represent missing the greatest opportunity to transform society into a Socialist society but will actually rock our economic foundations with potentially dreadful results.

We must reinvigorate and champion locally organised economic models such as cooperatives, social enterprise and credit unions. We must empower community groups to develop and maintain local infrastructure projects, such as small scale renewable energy production, thus fostering a sense of municipal socialism. We must also examine the changing nature of work and seriously explore policies such as Universal Basic Income.  

We can do what is necessary! But it requires a socialist vision and I don’t want to simply make up the numbers. I have a burning desire to be a part of the solution and pledge to devote all my energy to contributing to the ideas, solutions and actions to create a truly sustainable society for the many not the few.