My plan to win

I plan to make Labour the irresistible choice for voters in Scarborough and Whitby. I will achieve this by taking leave from my job as well as working every weekend from the moment of selection to ensure that people in our area have every detail they feel they need, to understand our manifesto and how it relates to them.

Hugo standing on Scarborough seafront and at Oliver's Mount
Hugo standing on Scarborough seafront and at Oliver's Mount

If selected as candidate, I plan to place myself and the local party on a constant election footing. I will be listening to voters concerns and paying particular attention to some of the rural areas of this electorate that often get forgotten about. We must invest in the public transport and digital infrastructure to enable our villages to thrive. The people in these areas need to know that Labour is on their side! I will coordinate and support the great activists we have in our rural communities. These are the people who understand the issues intimately and can deliver our message to every household.

I will engage and motivate the local membership in all campaign activities and utilise the broad range of skills that I know exist in our movement. By doing so, I believe we can translate the fantastic Labour manifesto and apply it to local issues and problems, thus providing solutions that people can embrace.

Like so many other coastal communities up and down the country, Scarborough and Whitby suffer the same problems of lack of housing, lack of investment and lack of appropriate industry to create proper jobs for a modern economy. I will make sure that we reach every person possible to deliver our message. With your help, we will engage people who feel disenfranchised and disconnected. We will work to win back former Labour voters who have felt abandoned. We will convince marginalised Tory voters that their interests lie with a party that understands the modern world and can create the economic circumstances to allow business to flourish in sectors where it is most needed, like renewable energy.


Support me

Help me win my campaign by volunteering to:

  • hold an event or fundraiser
  • come out canvassing
  • send out leaflets or mail