Hugo raises community concerns over Scarborough Hospital

Hospital Card

The planned community consultations organised by Scarborough Hospital’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have left residents right across the Scarborough and Whitby constituency worried and angry.

Labour’s Hugo Fearnley states that ‘whilst it is understood there are no firm proposals for changes to services at this point, from the huge numbers that turned up to some initial ‘focus groups’ and voiced their genuine concerns – it is clear that the public, myself included, are worried.’

Mr. Fearnley added that ‘Given the questionable outcomes of the recent review and redevelopment plans at Whitby Hospital where all sorts of guarantees were made based on it’s proximity to Scarborough hospital, any review that leads to downgrading of services at Scarborough could be potentially disastrous for the people of Scarborough, Whitby and the surrounding villages.’

‘The enormous and spontaneous reaction online of thousands of local people rallying to the cause of their local hospital is commendable. In many ways, this issue is outside of narrow political affiliations and as someone who has lived here all my life, my concern is about making sure there is the high-quality healthcare services available for myself, my family, my friends and our whole community.’

‘Whilst we don’t know when the firm proposals will be available, or what they will look like, we must be sure that we are ready to stand up, scrutinise the plans and argue our case, as a united community.’

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