Hugo Focussed on Housing at Conference

Hugo Conference

Labour's candidate highlights lack of local housing for social rent at national party conference in Liverpool.

Taking to the stage on 24th September, Mr Fearnley spoke to a packed conference during the debate on housing. Hugo criticised the lack of action to address the housing crisis from the Tories both nationally and locally, saying:

“We have close to 2500 people on the housing waiting list in the borough – this must be urgently addressed. Shamefully the Tories are doing nothing to remedy this situation, having built precisely zero new homes for social rent in the last year.”

Mr Fearnley went on to highlight the particular issue of holiday homes in the area:

“In Scarborough & Whitby we have the unenviable title of the low pay capital of the country. However in my home town of Whitby we have disproportionately high housing costs, pushed up by the proliferation of 2nd homes. It is shocking that a staggering 20% of all housing stock in Whitby has no full time resident. I welcome the recent announcement from the Shadow Housing Secretary, John Healey MP, to tackle this issue with a new council tax levy on 2nd homes. The extra revenue will be used to tackle the crisis of homelessness.”

Mr Fearnley summed up by explaining that:

“Home is at the heart of our daily family lives, let’s put housing at the heart of our program for government. We will ensure that under Labour housing becomes an undeniable right for the many, not a privilege for the deep-pocketed few.”