Hugo Fearnley Secures PPC Selection

HF Selection

Hugo Fearnley secures selection as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough & Whitby. 

After a gruelling and hard fought campaign, I am delighted to officially announce my selection as Parliamentary Candidate, here in my home constituency. I feel incredibly humbled and proud to have received the backing of my fellow party members, who have placed their faith in me to contest this crucial seat at the next general election. I vow to work tirelessly to achieve that goal and return a Labour MP here for the first time since 2001. 

I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to everyone who put themselves forward in the selection process and especially those comrades who I had the pleasure of getting to know better on the campaign trail, during the final two weeks of the process. Each one of them was willing to invest a huge amount of physical and emotional resources in the process, because they believe in the urgent need for a transformational Labour government; I stand in solidarity with them and salute them for their conviction and commitment.

I also want to recognise the incredible support and hard work of all my campaign volunteers, who were instrumental in securing this result and who, along with the wider membership, will be crucial to winning here in 2022 (or possibly sooner!). 

We shall lose no time in getting out campaigning, meeting people, listening to constituents and sharing Labour's vision for the region. The real fight starts now and I am up for the challenge, together we can can achieve something remarkable and begin to make a real difference to the lives of those people who have been denied a voice for too long. 

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