Decent homes that don't cost the earth

Our region has a housing crisis that is particularly magnified in Whitby and its surrounding areas, where 20% of all housing stock is classed as a second or holiday home, often with no full time resident. This fact coupled with the limited availability of appropriate development sites mean that supply and therefore affordability are huge issues for residents, especially the majority of the population who are on lower incomes. Continued failure of Conservative planning policy both nationally and at the borough level has created a disastrous situation.

I would advocate a sensible housing planning strategy that secures decent affordable homes for private renters, owners and council tenants. Ensuring preference for local people in housing allocations and tackling the proliferation of 2nd homes would be a top priority for me. I would support developments that were sensitive to the heritage and natural beauty of the area and delivered modern, energy efficient homes with a low environmental impact. 

Nationally our manifesto has proposed bold and transformative measures to tackle the critical housing crisis, including:

  • Removing Government restrictions on councils and enacting the biggest council house building program for 30 years
  • Introducing secure 3 year tenancy agreements for private renters, with an inflation cap on rents and a legal requirement for landlords to ensure properties are 'fit for human habitation'
  • Guaranteeing Help to Buy funding until 2027, to help young people and first time buyers to get their first home
  • Tackling the homelessness crisis to ensure none of our brothers and sisters have to sleep on the streets¬†