A fair deal for workers and business

Scarborough was recently named as the low pay capital of the country, with salaries around £8500 per year less than the national average. This is a shameful indictment of Robert Goodwill  MP, the Tory run local authorities and their dismissive attitude to in work poverty. This crisis must be tackled urgently. All workers deserve respect and a fair deal on pay and conditions.

As a business owner myself, I will never employ people on zero hours contracts and I have committed to paying the Real Living Wage to all my employees and sub-contractors. Far from destroying jobs, this move has improved morale and has shown me that success in business does not have to be underpinned by low wage employment.

My business is also committed to supporting working mothers and we have taken the step of donating a portion of our profits to Pregnant Then Screwed, a campaigning, advice and advocacy organisation. I firmly believe that having children should not preclude you from also having a fulfilling career. I have begun to implement the Labour manifesto in my own business and would build constructive ties with local businesses to encourage them to do the same.    

Labour has a 20 point plan for improving working conditions including:

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage to £10 per hour by 2020 - to ensure that everyone is rewarded with a fair day's pay
  • Lifting the public sector pay freeze - because our Nurses, Fire Fighters, Police and other public sector workers deserve a pay rise after years of falling wages
  • A ban on exploitative zero hours contracts - to ensure workers have guaranteed weekly hours
  • Strengthen protections for women against unfair redundancy - because no-one should be penalised for having children