Anti-fracking day of action

Anti fracking

Local Labour stands in solidarity with the protectors at the Third Energy Kirby Misperton site.ย 

On a cold but mercifully dry November day, I along with some Scarborough colleagues, met up with the protectors at the KM8 fracking site near Kirby Misperton. The day of action was organised by Thirsk & Malton CLP and it was a great opportunity to show that the local Labour branches were united against fracking.

I was able to give a speech emphasising Labour's policy commitment to ban all fracking in the UK and illustrate the need for a rapid move towards renewables. I also shared the words of the late great Clement Attlee, quoting a speech delivered in 1945. Although the conditions were very different back then, the words seem strangely relevant today.

"A new start is being made under new conditions. We must look ahead to the future and not be forever casting lingering glances back to a past which cannot be recaptured. We have to set about reconditioning the fabric of the economic life of the nation, in order that our economic resources can be fully utilised in the common interest. We cannot afford to have ill-managed, ill-equipped, unprogressive industries. It is our policy that the industries and services of this country shall make their maximum contribution to the public good."

The fracking industry is certainly unprogressive and does not make a contribution to the public good, but rather seeks to line the pockets of a few private individuals.ย This industry has no place in the future economy of this country.