Announcing my candidacy

Hugo standing in front of campaign bus

I'm very pleased to announce that I have just submitted my application to become the next Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough & Whitby.

As someone who comes from a campaigning family, fighting for social justice is in my blood. Having been brought up from a very young age attending demos and marches, often swimming against the tide of establishment opinion, I know that social progress does not simply happen, it must be fought for.

With Jeremy Corbyn leading the Party and with our hopeful, ambitious and transformational manifesto, now is not the time to be a bystander.

I am stepping forward because I have seen the devastating effects of Tory austerity politics in my home region, and I refuse be apathetic towards the nurses using food banks, the chronically ill having their benefits and dignity eroded and the young people unable to gain meaningful stable employment, let alone a decent affordable home to live in.

An alternative future is possible and with the huge skills and enthusiasm we now have in our movement, I am convinced that change is possible. We must be bold in our vision and steadfast in our commitment to building a fairer society for all.

This is not a drill, this is our moment.

We have the power to change things and create a society that is more inclusive, more caring and more hopeful.

Who's with me?